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  • is it possible to make the Particles start out at the beginning of a Layout already populating a part of the screen?

    I want to do a moving stars effect in the background, but as soon as the layout starts, they start coming out little by little and the screen does not look nice empty.

    I tried putting 9000 as a speed value to make them come out really fast for a split second, and then reset the speed to 100, but I was not successful.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You could create a tiled background with something like GET READY! on it and place it over everything on screen. Then after a second or so (enough time for the particles to fill the screen, make that tile invisible, revealing everything behind. The GET READY! is just an example of course and the way your game works might not work with this method but it's just an idea you could adapt. I've knocked this up to demonstrate. I used a text object too because I didn't have a graphic with text on but you get the idea.



  • thanks for the idea, but it won't work in my case.

    i need a way to "kickstart" the particle generator to generate a lot of particles for a spilt second and then reset it to normal speed so that the layout looks full of particles at startup

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