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  • First of all, I have to say I love Construct 2. It is very nice tool to create a game without coding knowledge. What I hate is lack of tutorials on some very important tools. The most important of them being IAPs - in app purchases.

    As we all know, IAPs are currently the most popular way of monetizing mobile game. However, there is no way to find out how to implement this feature into Construct 2 game. All there is is this very lousy tutorial, which doesn't help you at all.

    If you check the "How do I...?" forum, there are tens of questions about IAP without any replies. To be able to really implement IAPs with Construct 2, one have to do a several hours google search, visit 3rd party websites and their tutorials, and just spent hours to find out whether IAPs are possible to implement. And even after that research, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    You are claiming Construct 2 supports all platforms like android, ios, windows, etc but you are TOTALLY AVOIDING SUPPORT of such important thing as IAPs.

    Please, SCIRRA, create STEP BY STEP TUTORIALS FOR IMPLEMENTING IAPs, SEPARATE TUTORIAL FOR EACH PLATFORM, together with sample capx files, so that every developer/game creator can use it.

    We need to know what kind of plugins to use, how to publish the game and what steps we need to take on each of the platform stores.

    I think this is the weakest point of your product and support, and I ask you as a customer who paid for the premium version, to fix it ASAP.

    thank you

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't C2 a game creation software? As such, it doesn't claim to have integrated IAP for several platforms. It claims to be able to publish games on several platforms. Additionally it offers an interface to IAPs.

    I know it is hard to actually do the programming part on one's own instead of using premade code blocks, but that doesn't mean it's Scirra's responsibility to provide it.

    If I read correctly, you've already done a lot of research and noticed that questions about IAPs in "How do I" are unanswered by the community. So why not you being the first to share what you researched so far? Maybe others will add to that topic then as well, so that such a tutorial builds up from the input of the com.

  • C2 is a game creation software for multiple platforms, like android and iOs. and one of the most important features on these platforms are IAPs. We are not in 2001 when for game you needed 4 arrows and shooting button. Missing proper manual/tutorial for IAPs is the same as a missing tutorial for object movement, games sounds, or any other essential parts of game. In today's world, IAPs are ESSENTIAL part of mobile games, and proper implementation and documentation is totally missing from C2.

  • in 2001 games only had 5 buttons? I think you're thinking of 1981..

    tulamide is correct on all accounts.

    "You are claiming Construct 2 supports all platforms like android, ios, windows, etc" I don't even see how that's relevant to your complaint. C2 claims that and it's true.

    Tutorials are provided by the community, not so much Scirra (although, they've been nice enough to include some as well.)

    Instead of getting on the forums (for your first post and our first impression of you as a C2 community member) and complaining, why not get on and ask for some help? Share with us what you've found and what you find to be lacking. You'd be amazed how helpful this community can be.. But you might want to approach it a bit differently...

    I'm assuming you saw this: https://www.scirra.com/manual/173/iap and didn't find what you were looking for?

  • notikoki

    You can alternatively use Phonegap IAP plugin freely.

    It includes the manual (readme.txt) in zip file's doc folder and capx example in doc folder, too.

  • from what I know, C2 have IAP object and you can use IAP plugin from PhoneGap, CocoonJS, etc

    I think you can easily find tutorial about using that plugin in the google

  • Theres not much in the way of tuts for webgl, or the plug sdk either. That doesn't mean its not in the todo list, probably just not at the top.

  • You should refer to each platform's documentation for IAP, e.g. iTunes Connect for iOS IAP. These describe in detail how IAPs work and how to set them up, configure and test them. Sometimes they have code samples but you can ignore that since the plugin handles it for you. I just updated the IAP manual entry to include links to each platform's documentation so it's easier to find. We don't want to duplicate what is already there since it's different for every platform, is already documented by them, there's a lot of information, and it can change from time to time which would make our own documentation out of date.

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  • I feel that IAP is definitely something I wouldn't want in 99% of the games I play (unless it's DLC?) so I don't mind the Scirra devs working on more widely usable things than documenting a feature that probably has different steps on each export platform.

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