Poll:What's the worst programming mistake you've made in c2?

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  • I just fixed an error that took me all day to fix and I thought would share my mistake and ask people what they have encountered.

    So I was trying to use a loopindex expression in a "For Each x element" event. Not realizing (remembering) there is an Array specific expression which is ".curx"

    I spent all day trying to figure out why loopindex kept returning -1

    I'm almost surprised it didnt work, but I do realize its not really universal and is made for the system loops.

    Anyway, just thought I would share my lapse in intelligence.

    looking forward to some interesting stories!

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  • i have lots of programming mistakes so much its impossible to really count.

    but i remember once i created a fighting arcade game like maplestory but no multiplayer,

    most probably my first game.

    the player is a warrior using swords slashing cute enemies that chase after the player,

    when player still alive at a certain time interval,

    there will be a randomly dropped new sword, which when you pick it,

    your player sword changes color and design

    and you starts to do more cool attacks (animated one) .

    even though the sprites and sounds are mostly edited copyrighted stuffs,

    i can redo the game with those new free sprites and sounds available now,

    but ooophs i forgot to or was too lazy to put in comments,

    now the whole entire game program looks super weird,

    i dun even understand most of the programs now.

    its sounds impossible to forget what i have done, but it really happened,

    and then on, i subconsciously keeps on putting comments until i thinks its a bit of overkill,

    there is almost a comment for each of my events.

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