Poll: Next feature for Construct 2

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  • Hi all,

    Construct 2 r56 now means C2 has both image origins (formerly "hotspots") and image points. These were previously two of the biggest requests for C2.

    The time has come to see what's next for Construct 2. The thread What's next for Construct 2? serves as a great shortlist, so I've taken some of the most popular suggestions and added this to a poll. This way it's easy for me to see at a glance what I should work on next!

    Give it some thought, because we can't do everything at once, and whatever tops the poll will probably be whatever I work on next :) You can only choose one, so pick the one you want most. (I know a lot of these everyone wants, but I can re-run polls later once stuff gets completed.) Also note, we're not considering other exporters at this time - we're sticking to HTML5.

    Happy voting!

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  • Goddamn it, I can't choose more than one, can I? XD I decided to just go with collision polygons, but families, tilemap support and global objects are just as important to me, personally.

  • I suppose it's time for you to hit one of the biggies :) I voted for families, although physics or tilemap would do as an alternative.

  • Polygons collision vote casted.

    In second families, global object and physic ^^

    Also I'd still love to have a way to load frames in animations from external source, not having to have absolutely the image in the project on export.

    In the same order of idea, being able to load ressources layer/layer, not just all the applications ressources on startup.

  • I, too, vote for collision polygons. I think this is by far the most important feature to be added.

  • Can't wait until all these things are in, it's going to be awesome.

    I resisted not clicking multiplayer plugin in favor of the image editor. I think it's a core feature thats been missing for far too long now. It's easy to drag and drop images into construct but its also nice to be able to make quick place holders.

  • I voted for Collision Polygons but Families are a close second.

  • It's like in a candy shop! I want this and that ... :D I personally voted for physics.

  • Voted for physics because it would change the style of a game.

  • Also voted physics, on account of reckoning it being a thing better to figure out the limitations and quirks early on and thusly tweak/overcome versus down the line---bit of a stress test for everything up to now as a waypoint.

  • Now I think about it, it would make sense to do polygon collisions before physics really - otherwise all your physics collisions will be bounding box too!

  • I voted families. Tilemap was a close second though.

    I thought about voting on function object, but I haven't used it in CC enough to really need it asap. But I thought of something I thought I'd suggest. When the function object is included I think it could just be baked into the system object, kind of like how loops are.

    Another suggestion. I think that it'd be a good idea for when you eventually get to tilemap support, that before you start working on it write here on the forums what you're intending to do and collect some feedback on it. As I imagine people will be expecting different things about how it would/should work.

  • Looks like the top four so far, are:

    1) Collision Polygons

    2) Physics

    3) Families

    4) Tilemap support

    While I personally think physics are unnecessary right now, the rest are what I want most as well, so I can't complain.

  • I voted for physics based on my personal requirements at this time but I also think collision polygons are very important too.

  • Now I think about it, it would make sense to do polygon collisions before physics really - otherwise all your physics collisions will be bounding box too!

    I voted for physics but thinking about this I would change my vote to polygon collisions.

    1. Polygon collisons

    2. Physics

    3. Families

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