Politically Incorrect Game Jam Announced!

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  • Politically Incorrect Games P.I.G is hosting a game jam on itchi.io so get designing gamers!

    Politically Incorrect Games P.I.G.

    This is election season in the US and so we have a duty as game designers to use our skills to make a political statement.

    Games are a great way to bring attention to an issue important to you in the election, support your candidate or better yet poke fun of the competition. Political games can have as much effect on an election as any media and maybe more!


    1- Games must be US political or election issue themed.

    2- Games must be a new design and not a rehash of your old games.

    3- Don't upload games that have been previously uploaded anywhere else.

    4- Any style and system is allowed however flash and HTML games get more attention.

    5- Do not include actual pics of candidates in your games unless you have their written permission.

    6- Include a maturity rating in your game as required by itch.io and the laws of your country.

    7- Follow any and all laws of your country for exhibiting game media .

    Breaking any of these rules may result in immediate removal of the game and disqualification from the Jam.

    PROMOTE your games on social media and direct people to play it on itch.io. The only way you will get lots of votes is if you get out there just like a candidate and get people to vote for your game. So take any and all opportunities to promote your game.


    You get the sincere admiration of your fellow gamers and if you play your cards right you will get lots of media attention, help your candidate, destroy the competition or maybe- take over the world!

    The Jam starts September 7, 2015 and runs through the month of September. Voting runs through October so get started on your games now and have them ready before the deadline.

    Legal Notice: Politically Incorrect Games and LaMar Alexander will not be responsible for any damage or legal actions that result from the submission or playing of your games to any party. If you do not agree to these legal terms do not submit your game.

    Submit or see deadlines here:


  • no prizes :s

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  • I am working on prizes and if anyone wants to sponsor a prize we can add it in. Maybe Scirra would sponsor a prize?

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