At what point will Scirra breakthrough the startup line?

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  • I've been quite interested in how business grow through the products they develop. How a business eventually goes from being a small to a big business.

    Scirra is such a company that is really interesting. They have already developed there first full product (Construct Classic) and there ongoing current product (Construct 2) and one day Construct 3 will come out.

    Following Scirra interests me so much because there product is constantly developing. They take things out, implement things, and it's all so current and Scirra just seems like it's in its infancy with so much potential.

    Will Construct 3 be the one to really make Scirra known?

    How do you guys think Scirra will develop over the long-term? Will this startup even be successful? Or does the community already think that Scirra is successful?

    Construct focuses so much on a non-programming means of developing games, and with that focus, I think this will drive more and more people to use programs like Construct 2. Even with its flaws, Construct can only be improved, right?

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