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  • Hi! Im a fan of the point n click adventures like the old LucasArts games! I wish to know if someone used Construct to develop that kind of games! There's any? Is Construct versatile enough for making that genre?

  • It is possible, but much work. You should use the existing engines for point & click adventures like Adventure Game Studio.

  • It's not that much work. I've used programs designed specifically for adventure games before but I'd never go back after I discovered Construct, even if I was making another adventure game.

    The only downside is that Construct isn't designed to make ONLY adventure games, but if you're looking for something versatile that's not a negative thing.

    There's no 3D with Construct though, so you're better off somewhere else if that's your goal.

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  • I'm currently building one right now, actually. Along the lines of Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. A game like King's Quest VI or other will require more programming to control the character. I can guarantee though, that you can easily make a 2D point and click. The most challenging part is handling the inventory system, but do a quick search here on the forum and you can easily find a working one utilizing both click and drag and drop mechanics as a basis.

    Here's one by Wastrel Simple Point & Click Inventory

  • the most challenging part is the loader.

    with webgl enabled we now have layout by layout loading.

    but on Internet Explorer/Windows8 & mobiles/tablets this does not work.

    So its only limited to exe

  • That would be a waste to make your P&C game on another engine

    With C2 you can do that easily , you can even making some fake 3d using 2d sprites !

  • Cool! Thanks! I think the power of Construct that the Point n Click Engines (Wintermute, Visionare, Adventure Studio, etc) is that can export to multiple platforms!

  • I want too and im thinking how do a point & click adventure game we will see

    Game must be like 'MC Pixel' game

  • I too love the old LucasArts games (Maniac Mansion is my fav followed by Sam and Max, the Indy ones are great too). Construct 2 is pretty flexible so building one of these games isn't too hard.

    Your challenge is loading large screens for backgrounds. While there will be dynamic content and animated sprites for characters walking around, a large part of the screen is going to be static. So on 800x600 this is a lot of pixels in your layout.

    The rest is pretty straight forward. An area to display sprites for commands, a hotspot list of locations on the screen where commands are valid (probably use an Array), sprites for animations and your player character, etc.

    The real hurdle with using Construct 2 for this isn't the technology. These games really have a rich story, vibrant characters, and exceptional game workflow attached to them. So technically you can build one, you really need a strong story behind it before you commit to the tool.

  • for optimizing scenarios, look for a thread where Rayman is mentioned

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