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  • I'm making an application with around 10mb of images (originally 30mb) that I painstakingly compressed in photoshop to around 30kb of size each.

    Now I noticed that when I import them in c2 they go back to being around 100kb each. Why?

  • Probably because of the image compression with C2.

    Set your images in the image editor to be 8bits pngs, this should allow you to decrease the weight of images on export.

  • Is there anyway to avoid the resizing? And directly use my compressed images?

  • I think you can replace them after exporting the project. Just drop the files in the images folder with the same names as the original images and it must work.

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  • When you import images of any format Construct 2 re-saves it as a PNG using a default stock encoder which doesn't do many optimisations, because it's not as important for your project to be small, only the final exported project needs to be as small as possible. Also if you change an image at all in the editor (e.g. flip or mirror or any tools when we add them) then it can't re-use the original image anyway, so it would be very brittle to try and make Construct 2 always use the exact imported file.

    Instead everything's run through image recompression on export to squeeze files down to the minimum size. I would be surprised if, on export, you could beat the compression done by Construct 2 - we've paid to license some specialist tools for the process, and it will do things like count the colors and switch to PNG-8 for 256 color images, and then try multiple PNG compression strategies and pick the best one.

    However, if you can beat it, you can safely paste over the exported image files.


    Thanks, after exporting the size decreases a lot I'm cool with that.

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