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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • It would be awesome to apply a Motion effects Screen plug in that will allow you to take a frame or two allowing you to take any graphic and apply a special effect to it automatically and then it will automatically generate a sprite from the options you choose coping each frame generated as an individual image and then saving it as a pre-compiled sprite this would be similar to how programs like Final Cut pro, Adobe Premier and Macro Systems Casablanca software works but applied to sprites. Here are a few special effects but in reality there are hundreds of possible effects! With this plugin then creating explosions, fires, destroying blocks, etc. would be simple and any games made with this if applied with appropriate graphic depending on graphic size scale, etc., this could look incredible if applied correctly and no-one has such a feature as of yet on any 2D game engine!

    So if anyone is brave enough to create such a program to tie into construct We will all thank you!

  • Have you tried pixel shaders in Construct Classic? Is that what you mean?

  • Ok I guess after looking into construct more, they would be some more advanced Transitions similar to the ones within the add transition button within project menu. But transitions that could for instance burn up the given selected pixels, rott and destroy selected pixels, etc. and many others! There are literally hundreds to thousands of different combinations and a tool like this would really set construct apart even more from other engines! This would add an ease to how one could create needed effects for certain objects in particular situations as well and in return speed up the overall game making process!

  • You can write your own shader effects in Classic using HLSL in .fx files. This way you can make effects that do whatever you want. Is that what you're asking for? I don't see why what you're saying can't already be done.

  • I'll have to look into it? But you say write my own. I am new to construct, which language would I need to write them in? Within construct, or I've read lots of people are writing various things in python, etc? Not sure here? A point in the right direction though would be appreciated..thanks!

  • Check at my tutorial which purpose is to guide beginners like you obtaining all the documentation they need to understand Construct.

    From this starting point, you'll have all the documents you need already written for you.

    It may take a few days, reading, understanding/letting it sink down, but it's worth the amount of time.

    Concerning the shaders Ashley are refering to here is some explanation from Construct-Classic wiki.

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  • Thanks kyatric,

    I will look into those resources that you posted...

    By the way nice crazy picture too! :)

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