Plugin Dev Request (Edittime Properties)

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  • I was thinking recently that for edittime properties there is 2 types missing that i would find quite useful:

    The first thing is paired/grouped values like you already have with the Common properties for Position and Size. It would be nice to have these available to use as a with regular plugin and behavior properties.

    Then the other thing would be a separator line. Each item is already separated by a thin line so maybe it could just make that line chosen color and also slightly thicker, maybe with a optional title text. This would be helpful if a plugin or behavior was slightly more advanced and you wanted to organize the properties into a few groups.

    I think these would be quite useful as new ept_ types, hopefully you will like these suggestions also. Many thanks :)

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  • It could also be quite useful to be able to set a input as enabled/disabled or shown/hidden. I was thinking this way you could use many controls but just show any needed for a certain mode using a ept_combo for example.

    Of course through the coding part it would still allow you to get the values even if they were later hidden/disable as these would be needed if the mode changed at runtime.

    I think this could be another great way to organize plugin and behavior properties. Thanks :)

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