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  • Hi Construct2 people.

    I've purchased Construct2 and LOVE IT! Asside form the super easy and intuitive "eventing", I really love the WYSIWYG frame editors, ESPECIALLY the feature (Which I had requested in Construct Classic.)wher you can check "parallax in editor" so that each lkayer parallaxes in the editor at the same rate it will in the game...removing the guess work and trial and error from level design!

    But PLEASE make the same true for ZOOMING. Can you make it so zooming in and out in the frame editor will reflect the "scale rate" as well as the Parallax? Then it will truely perfectly match the game itself and allow for us visually minded people to reaqlly get the most out of the frame editor with the least fuss and no time wasted.


  • Suggestion noted!

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  • Awesome, While you're at it..I looks like Construct 2 fails to save the "parallax in editor" option, meaning if you've got many levels with many layers, its really tedious to reset all of them to scroll properly in the editor every time you reload. Can this be fixed too?

    thanks :)

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