Please make new tilemap instances blank!

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  • Every time a tilemap instance is added to the layout it inherits the tiles (I mean the tiles placed on the canvas, not the tilemap image) from the previous instance instead of the default instance, which in my case is blank. Because of this you have to either erase every tile from each new instance, or track down and copy/paste the default blank one.

    Any chance this can be fixed for the next build?

    On that note, shouldn't objects have a "make default instance" button for new instances to inherit their properties from? Using the very first instance ever placed is...troublesome.

  • I have no problem with that if I'm using TMX files to replace different tiles to some instances.

  • The whole .tmx implementation is whack in my opinion...don't really care to use it.

    edit: I forgot you can resize the eraser which makes wiping out the tiles of the previous instance pretty quick and easy...would still be nice to not have to do it though ^^; Seems like an easy fix, right?

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  • Well, let's see what Ashley says, even you're asking a free work for him.

  • I am pretty sure that by design you would have to have one tilemap object (not instance) per different set of tilemap used (image), the same way you need another sprite to have other pictures used and loaded in the memory.

  • I meant they inherit the tiles placed on the canvas, not the tilemap image. Since the default instance has no tiles placed, then all new instances should be blank as well.

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