PLEASE , make mobile exporting free!!!

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  • you can find about a handful of good games from people like NoodleCake and PikPok and some other Devs , but not much else. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Literally the only reason I want to Develop games Is because there aren't too many good ones on android , and NO FIGHTING GAMES either . So please , just make mobile exporting free !

  • No offense, but what a ridiculous request.

    How are Scirra to earn a living if they allow such a thing?

  • You can already run your games on mobile with the free edition, through the browser. Export as HTML5, upload somewhere, then browse to it on a mobile device.

  • Construct 2 is already dirt cheap and the devs are absolutely amazing at updating it.

    I'd say it should even cost more!

    If you want to use one of the best tools on the market, you also have to give the devs a little something to live by in return.

  • If your going to make a serious fighting game with C2, your going to need more than 100 Events. Even if export to CJS was free, 100 really isn't enough for some types of games.

  • I think that construct 2 could cost more! It is already a steal for what you are capable of doing.

    You wont find another program as powerful as this.

    I had my free edition for a few hours and quickly bought the Personal Edition.

    Words from the wise-Buy Construct 2 ASAP before it goes higher in price

  • Ok so a fighting game is officially omitted from my planned list.

  • Pretty much any serious game requires more than 100 events.

    Personal edition is mostly to learn and develop your project to the point where you "need" to swap for a commercial version. (not to mention the fact that it's necessary if you want to earn some money with it - and most likely: you do).

  • whelp my dreams are dead , im done with this . If i need to make money to spend it and make it over again just for myself , its a waste

  • whelp my dreams are dead , im done with this . If i need to make money to spend it and make it over again just for myself , its a waste

    Sorry man, this is the world we live in. C2 is the cheapest and best way to export to mobile. Unity used to cost a few thousand. GM costs a few hundred still at least. No offence, but when you become a developer, you have to assume some costs. Tools, art, music, distribution, etc. To assume that you can do it 100% free is not realistic. Even if you code it in assembly, do the art in GIMP and music by hand, you still have to pay people for distribution like iOS, Windows Store, etc. Or hosting costs.

  • Uhh welcome to life dewd.

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  • If i need to make money to spend it.....its a waste

    How do you live...?

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