Please judge if this is possible.

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  • Good morning.

    My name is Choi, Han - yong and I am living in Korea.

    I have just started Construct 2, and I am studying through manuals and dutorials.

    What I want to implement is a simple music editor, which I think is a minimal digital audio workstation on the web. (Similar to Bandlab's Mix-Editor)

    In the digital audio workstation (DAW), the playhead function and the music are divided by the channel.

    If you do not think you should start the implementation now, you will implement it using the html canvas function.

    Please judge if this is possible.

  • Hi hychoi,

    This is just my impression, from having worked with C2 for a while.

    If you only use the standard plugins in C2, it would be quite hard to make a simple DAW.

    The built-in features of C2 work very well for games and even a lot of applications, but many of the core features of a DAW are not natively supported by C2, and might be pretty hard to implement.

    C2 is very flexible though. Using the SDK, you can build custom plugins to handle just about anything.

    So, it's theoretically possible to build a DAW in C2, but you would probably have to do a huge amount of the work in the JavaScript SDK.

    Just about everything involving audio, midi, and VST style modules would need to be implemented as custom plugins. The built-in Audio plugin, is pretty nice, and solves a lot of tricky web audio problems, but it's focus is fundamentally not tailored to DAW tasks. I think you'd only be able to use it for UI sounds in this case.

    So, I would probably not recommend building a DAW as your first major project in C2.

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  • To the fisholith.

    You are the one who guided me in the right way.

    Thanks to your response, we have turned the tools for DAW development from early C2 to html5 and javascript.

    Five months later, the development of a simple DAW was completed functionally and safely.

    I used handmade javascript coding and html5's web audio api, but now I think this method was the correct answer.

    But someday I would like to use C2 / C3. If the javascript sdk plug-in is possible, there is always the idea that any game has unlimited potential.

    Thank you.

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