Please help? problem importing graphics?

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  • I've researched and could not find the solution to being able to post my own graphics in Constructor classic which I'm sure is done the same as constructor 2? Many of the tutorials are giving me a 404 error and so I am not able to view them through the Scirra website, while I've looked through the online manual and couldn't find instructions except the accepted formats of (.png, .jpg, .bmp., .gif). One individual recommended a shooter tutorial that explains it but that tutorial is currently offline on the SCIRRA website! Please advise?

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  • Please disregard post and delete if possible, someone was kind enough to help, thank you!

  • Could you tell us what the solution was so if this ever turns up in search it can help someone else too? Thanks!

  • Steven Replied;


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    Steven Quote; This Post Posted: Today at 9:34am

    Inside construct you want to double click on the layout, select 'sprite', this will open the image editor. Now you can either paste your image in, or you can click on the icon second from the left at the top, select your pre-saved file and click open.

    I was trying EVERYTHING else but using the graphics editor because I thought this engine was intuitive and easy but not quite so because this approach leaves something less to be desired, but yet there is hope because of Rojohound! I hope that his method or something similar will be updated into the main program for those of us who are much newer to programming!

    Now I'm not much of a programmer so I really hope that someone can make an update to this software with the patch I've read about here, because it would make drag and dropping graphics into constructor much easier!

    But Awesome job Rojohound for doing this! I only hope someday I will be able to figure this out because the current method of using the image editor is really slow and inconvenient!

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