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  • This is my game BOXI.

    My problem is that when the water drops hit the triangles they pass through them, so eventually all the drops disappears.

    This is my construct 2 project Project

    Sorry for my english <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hi could you provide just a capx (and not the whole project folder) please, and also try to precise what your issue is telling:

    What you expect to happen ?

    What is happening instead ?

    Where, in the code, do you feel the issue takes place ?

    Without this, it makes it hard to provide any kind of help.

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  • I uploaded a .rar file HERE

    The water drops must reflect from the triangles.

    The player must avoid the water drops.

    After a while the water drops get out from the layout i am testing the game 3 days and i could not determin the problem

  • In firefox on my computer, the raindrops don't go over the triangles.

    I guess you have low FPS, or something.

    The only thing I could suggest would be to remove the physics behavior from your triangles (not useful and might cause issues).

    As far as I can see the games works as intended apparently.

  • If fps is the problem how can i fix it?

  • I tried my game in IE9 and the fps was 60.

    I tried my game in Firefox and the fps was 10.

    Why this is happening?

    I am currently learning html5 and java script and the writers off the book is saying that Firefox support better the html5 than IE9

    My version of Firefox is 13. What is your version

  • Update your graphics card driver.

    I use FF13 too and it works fine.

    Be sure also to test the latest version of Chrome.

    Aside from reading a book, you should also review the documentation available for Construct2.

    Be sure to read the manual it contains tons of valuable informations.

    You can also check New to construct, where to start and be sure to read the links for Construct 2.

    Some of them will take you to tutorials for C2, some others will take you to Scirra's blog.

    Reading the articles there is valuable.

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