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  • You only need to try 2 or 3 ports really, that's enough to see if changing the port helps.

    My best guess is Easy PHP has broken Construct 2's server. Could you try uninstalling it, or any other server software, and see if that helps?

  • maybe microsoft sql server 2005 and 2008???

  • Those are possibly servers too.

    If you don't need those, try uninstalling them.

  • mrsponkie, let me know if uninstalling any of EasyPHP or SQL server fixes it. You might just be able to disable them all too. I changed the error message for when the HTTP server cannot start in r72 (out just now) to include some more info. If you could paste the new message that would be helpful.

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  • Before you wipe XP, try doing a system restore to a point before you started having problems. Servers are a lot like anti-virus programs: they dig deep into the registry, they do not like to let go and they do not play well with others of their genre. Just my opinion: if you must have a local server, it's far better to have it run on a computer other than your game development computer.

  • as far as i remember, since the first time i started to develop with C2 i always had problems with http preview. In fact i always used to preview my game in file mode. I thought it wasn't a very big problem, since now...

  • Ashley, when i'll be at home i'll install r72 and copy past here the error displayed

  • so. I update my C2 version to the last release, and this is the message i got :

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • and now (don't know why) also file preview mode don't work... :(

  • Eh, error 5 just means "access denied". I'd try uninstalling some of the server software and see if that helps - sorry for the bother...

  • i took a few minutes to make this screenshoot, but i wanted some advices to what programs should I unistall, because i'm a little bit confused.

    I really appreciate if you could take a look and advice me what should I unistall :

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • damn, i can't attach here, maybe you can see via dropbox :


  • do you know a way to find what servers (localhost) have i installed on my pc?? please this problem make me sad.. :(

  • I've unistalled many software programs that may use server but still i have the same problem.

    The main trouble is that i can't find where is the program that corrupt C2.

    I honestly don't know what to do. I only want to know One thing now. Is there a way to see what Http servers are in my pc?? Because i'm going randomly and don't know exactly what to do.

  • mrsponkie why you don't try scanning your local network with a portscanner ?maybe u have many services installed and other ports on listening mode

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