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  • I was just curious on what would be needed on the Vita/PS4 for there to be a possibility of an exporter from Construct 2?

    Some sort of compatibility with HTML5, WebGL, Javascript?

    Was just curious because it would be fantastic if we were able to generate even simple games that could be played on Playstation consoles.

    If this is a stupid question then don't mind me...nothing to see here..

  • It's not stupid, but the answer is lingering in the forums some where.

    PS4 will likely come in the future. When ever PS3 runs WebApps. Wii U does, so it would seem likely Sony will follow suit.

    Vita. I don't think so. But that would be cool.

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  • They just need to add support for HTML5 games. We would obviously immediately support PS4 in Construct 2 if they added that, but right now as far as we are aware it's not supported.

    However the Wii U supports HTML5 games, there's good suggestions the Xbox One will as well via Universal apps, and the PS4 apparently already renders the menus with WebGL, so it seems they have the web tech there...

  • No worries, PS4 and XBONE are just starting their life.. its gonna be 8 years of these two as top consoles, we got time to get HTML5 games on there, eventually!

  • Apple put in WebGl browser support after 8 iterations of ios, so you never know!

  • Awesome, thanks for all the information everyone.

    I just stumbled across this website, has anyone tried it?

    So if those games were to work on a PS4 through it's browser, does that just mean the browser supports it and that is separate from the actual console itself supporting the games?

    I will have to try it when I get home from work.

  • Well...according to they claim that the only real current limitation is that most html5 games are aimed at keyboard/mouse and touchscreen devices. Always worth a try though.

  • How would the games be accessible? Playstation Store isn't going to let just anyone upload their HTML games, it only takes the pick of the indie titles.

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