Playstation Mobile (PSM) SDK (Publish on Vita or on Xperia)

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  • Hi!

    I am taking a look at Sony PSM SDK, a C# library that allow developers to publish on the PS Vita and PS certified devices (Xperia Play, Sony Tablet P, etc). It is free and anyone can register (using the PSN ID), download and read the docs.

    What I want to know is if it is possible to add this export feature to Construct 2. Is there a way to make a bridge between C# and HTML5? Some kind of wrapper (like Node Webkit) that includes the PSM SDK.

    This would be awesome and would open a great new market for C2 developers.


  • From what I know, the support for HTML5 in PSP Vita at the moment is crappy at best ... So unless you can code yourself (or somebody else) or port a browser as a wrapper, you can't play C2 Games on PSP Vita

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  • Yes, I know. I have read on another topic here. Just wanted to know if this is possible and if someone else would be interested on this (or the officlal devs), or if something like this already exists.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Hi all!

    Sorry to bump this topic, but I am still looking for it and I have found this:

    As the page says: "An open-source .NET library that wraps the WebKit engine". So it basically can be the solution to wrap C2 games and make it run on PS Vita. Unfortunelly I can't test it right now, but I would be glad if someone else can.

    I will not bump this anymore if anyone seems to be interested :/. I will then work on this myself.

  • It's not that no one is interested. I garuntee if the platform was supported there would be developers. However it's been long enough for those that know. That Scirra doesn't build the bridges. I've been on the forums for 2/3 years and I know Scirra has never built the bridge. They are 100% backing pure HTML5 supported by Chrom and will show support for other 100% browsers.

    As for your link. Unfortunately languages aren't magical. WebKitC# doesn't mean it works for the Vita. It's just a C# version of WebKit. However platforms and specifically custom hardware and software platforms have lots of nuounces that are specific. There is no way to just plop WKC# and compile for the Vita. Some one would need to go through the source code and make changes to program for the Vita nuounces to make it work. And if some one has to do that anyways. Might as well just use the C++ version which is probably kept more update date by supporting community.

    Now could someone get C2 running on Vita. Yes. Someone could go through the effort. Yes. You could take up the mantle of building a micro browser layer and get C2 to run. However like you most of the developers here are like you. They aren't technical enough to write that mirco browser layer. And for those programmers that are technically minded(such as myself), I use C2 to avoid doing that technical level of work. I want to be more productive on the games rather than spend half a year just to power a game on a piece of hardware.

    If you want support. I suggest mailing Cocoonjs and asking Vita support. You can go to the Ejecta group and see if someone is willing to make a branch for Vita. Or just ask Sony if they can like Nintendo create a version of WebKit for Vita and PS4.

  • Just ask Sony I bet they will be more than happy to do this for Xmas

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