Playing external audio in Node-Webkit

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  • Hi all,

    I need help, somebody knows if there are a way to play external (local) audio files in Node-Webkit?

    I already do this when export a C2 Webapp at HTML5 format. I only need to upload the audio file to /media folder of C2 in my server and call it by "Play (by name)" command.

    I put an audio file at Node/win32 folder and tried to call it by "Play (by name)" command with NodeWebkit.AppFolder&"audiofilename", but it do not work.

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  • Hey I found this right now and it works!!!

    Not sure why I didn't try this before, but if I just play by name (no matter the folder) like this

    NodeWebkit.AppFolder&"/media/Here's Johnny" with out the file extension it WORKS

    Apparently it needs to be an OGG. At least when I tried to load it by Here's Johnny.wav in the Node-Webkit dev tool it said cannot find

    Here's Johnny.wav.ogg

    Thanks anyway.

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