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  • Sometimes my playerobject(rectangle figuire) is shaking. It doesn't happen on every start up off the game. I use preview lan. On smaller devices like 4 inch its hard to see. But its still there.

    When I export it to a windows.exe It shakes on every start up.

    I have used the tutorials as a guide line. Is this a commen problem?

    Can it be fixed? What might be causing it.

    I am unable to upload my capx right now.

    Hope someone can help me.

  • Upload your .capx to Dropbox so we can see it. I don't think most games have this.

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  • From the times I have seen this type of behavior, this usually ends up being related to animations and events that are triggering them, or related to the bounding box or image points changing position/shape during animations.

  • Ashley Not sure if he can post the capx link as his rep isn't above 500...

  • Thanx for the responses. I found it!

    I was loosing my mind over the shaking part so I decided to rebuild my game and check step by step when it starts to shake. As soon as I set fullscreen to scale it started shaking.

    Letterbox scale did work well. Maybe because all my animation are low res( for mobilephones) and fullscreen on a 22 inch screen messes it up and it was just imagination that made me believe it was on my tablet..

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