Player and bullets not facing the right way

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  • Hi all,

    First post here, excited to learn scirra! I just finished the first tutorial,and I noticed something weird. My player sprite doesn't point in the direction my mouse is pointed, and neither does the bullet sprite, resulting in this awkward scene:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Note that I've used my own images for the tutorial, although I don't know that this should really affect the game in this way.

    Here's the link to the .capx file:

    Hope you all can help out!

  • It's all to do with the way you've positioned the images.

    Simply open up your space-ship and bullet, and rotate it 90 degrees to the right. The Construct animation editor has a button for it.

    Problem solved.

    Edit: I'd also recommend that you try other control schemes--the 8-directional movement feels strange for a spaceship. Perhaps try the car?

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  • Thanks Brock! Pfft, I was actually doing that already, but I was doing it in the Layout screen and not in the edit image screen, stupid me.

    re: control schemes I'm definitely going to toy with that. This was my very first time with construct so I was trying to stick to the tutorial for the most part.

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