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  • I got two things I've been wondering about lately. First, when I play a looping sound at a different playback rate, change tab and then go back to game it resets the playback rate to default. I haven't found a reason nor a workaround for this. It's a mystery, but nothing too serious for me because I'm aiming for a desktop game anyways.

    EDIT: It seems to reset even on Node-Webkit if I minimize the game. Odd.

    Also I don't understand why audio in sound and music folders sound different when played in different playback rates. If I play music that's in the sound folder on lower rate it sounds good, but if I throw it into the music folder the music sounds stretched and plays in different pitch. What's the real difference between having audio in these two different folders? Is it something I should be concerned about if I'm making a desktop game instead of a browser game?

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