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  • Hey! I'm tweaking some controls and mechanics in a game im creating, but thought i'd might need to declare the main input controls first. As of now, i use only the arrows.

    The mechanics that are present are:

    • Jump
    • Walk right/left
    • Wall jump
    • Floor slide
    • Wall slide

    What would you preferr the controls to be? I know many would like space for jumping, or even wasd for movement.

    I would also like your input on walljumping. Jump, then hold the direction of the opposite wall? Or simply press left/right to automatically jump to the opposite wall?

    You can try a somewhat outdated demo of the project i'm talking about here:


    I greatly appreciate any feedback, as it would help me out alot!

  • Arrow for movement. I despise WASD. For jumping shift, Z or space. Wall jump if more fun when you have to use direction + jump IMO.

    I think yer game is looking awesome. Reminds me of Limbo.

  • Have the ability for the user to change, in an options page. That's, really, the best way to satisfy everyone.

  • Even better, just leave multiple controls schemes that all work, so people can pick up their preference right away!

  • thats hard to do with C2 tho. You have to program events for each version of a control you have. If you could just say left arrow -> simulate control left then say key down "a" -> simulate left arrow. Thatd be VASTLY easier to do multiple control schemes.

    Is it even possible to do custom bound controls? Like click a button and it says "press the key for jump" you hit space and it from then on space = jump. I dont think it is

  • You could use the "or" in here. Just use (Arrow right) or (D) pressed and add all the required code in subevent.

  • yeah but then you have to do that for EVERY possible set of controls you have. Thats overkill. To do customizable or multiple controls you need to be able to set abstract "functions" and then tell any keys you want to do those. Not tell your "functions" to work for multiple keys

  • Yeah, customizable controls is the way to go, but I don't think C2 supports it. I personally use Arrow Keys, A, S, and D, with my little finger resting on shift and thumb on the spacebar. It's similar to the FPS setup so people won't find it awkward. For some reason Arrow Keys, Z, and X is really popular but I find it really uncomfortable and my little finger and thumb hang off the keyboard.

  • Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful stuff :) Think i'll have several options when it comes to the controls.

    On another note, though related; can anyone think of games that use similar control methods like my game? I need to investigate this further.

    Super Meat Boy should be similar, and new super mario bros in terms of wall jumping. What do you think?

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  • Megaman X, Super Metroid?

  • Yeah. Super Metroid and Megaman X games all have jump. Although, Super Metroid's wall jump it's different than yer game's. Super Metroid's wall jump it's exact and requires you to have timing to be able to do it right. This could affect people who are not skilled at games and just want to play casually. MMX wall jump it's much easier, it is kind of like yer game's wall jump. If you care that yer game appeals to everyone, you could have both wall jump options, but that'd quite a bit of work. Another thing is that you make it MMX like so everyone can play comfortably.

  • Thanks alot again :) I'm really fond of the controls in Super Meat Boy, so i'm having a closer look at that. MMX is also a great example!

  • For those wondering about a custom key assignement plugin, it has been around for months already.

    Plugin KeyCode

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