Platform Jump sustain: Is it possible to reset it mid-air?

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  • While jump sustain is a cool feature, it gives me some problems, for example:

    A platform character who can climb ladders-> When on a ladder, platform behaviour gets disabled and a vertical-only 8direction is enabled.

    If I jump off the ladder, I disable the 8 way and re-enable platform, but if I have already "spent" my jump sustain jumping into the ladder, since I didn't touch ground, and despite the platform behaviour having been toggled off and on, I still technically am on the same jump, so I can't jump off the ladder with jump sustain.

    I'm thinking of making my own jump sustain via events and timers, but if possible I'd like to use C2's tools whenever possible. I tried setting jump sustain to 0 while on the ladder and restoring it when jumping off but it doesn't seem to work.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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  • Momio you could enable double jump after climbing the ladder then disable it when you want to.

  • Momio you could enable double jump after climbing the ladder then disable it when you want to.

    Between the time I posted this thread and read your answer, I did my own jump sustain mechanic independently of platform was easier (and less of a mess) than I thought!

    But that's clever and could be simpler and more clean than my solution, since I don't contemplate (real) double jumping on my project I never thought of that, thanks!

    (Although, upon testing, I run into the same(ish) problem...If I jump from ladder to ladder (or from wall to wall, I need this for walljumps too), I can't reset double jump to perform additional jumps without touching ground, oh, well...back to square one, I guess! )

  • Oh OK good luck with your project!

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