Any plans for multi-monitor support?

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  • I'm talking specifically in terms of the editor, not games themselves.

    It would be extremely helpful at times if I could have my layout on one monitor and my event sheet on the other.

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  • quote from 11 Feb 2012 when I've asked same question

    I don't think our UI library supports breaking out the tabs in to their own window, so it would be difficult to do I think.

    However there's an obscure trick which I didn't even realise was possible until someone *else* discovered it: click and drag one of the tabs in to the main view, and it will create a split screen view. You can use this to view a layout and event sheet at the same time. With some careful resizing, you can make the main C2 window really wide, set the separator just between your monitors, and you kind of have a silly version of dual monitor support, heh.

  • Just tested that out now and it's decent, but C2 doesn't save the positioning/split of the tabs when you close, so you'll have to manually set up your layouts and event sheets every time you open the program.

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