Plans for Intel 2 in 1 support?

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  • Hi! Good morning.

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but Construct has any plans of supporting the Intel 2 in 1 technology? Like detecting if the user is on "Desktop" or "Tablet" mode, and maybe and action to create a manual switch to change between these two

  • Can you give a sample case where this would make a difference?

    As far as I understand this is a tablet that docks with a keyboard. If that's the case then the only aspect of the change is support for keyboard. So as long as you support keyboard/mouse and touch controls then I don't see any issue of Desktop/Tablet mode.

    The technology seems to be less about gaming features and more about change of how to use the computer feature. Which has little impact on game design. Except for control input. But a test sample would do wonders to put what your thinking into perspective.

  • exactly what ^ said

    all my apps work in desktop and tablet mode...

  • Well, actually it's because 2in1 devices use a kind of technology that changes according to the mode you're playing on; so for example in a photo editor app, you can use it to edit your photos while you are in desktop mode, but when you change to tablet, you can only see a slideshow of the images.

    I was also thinking about using the system condition "Is on mobile device"; I'm not sure if that would work though.

    Thanks for the info ^^

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  • If your game supports both keyboard/mouse and touchscreen input it should "just work".

  • the "is on mobile" is actually not à good condition, nor having the same app being nerfed just depending on the input type or other arbitrary things really, C2 can support touchscreens, gamepads(to an extend), mouse, keyboards, multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, there should not be any need to add something for that.

    also being ninjad by ashley but still hitting submit

  • Great!

    Thanks for the confirmation Ashley, and thanks for the info too Aphrodite

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