Plans for automatic "pick instance UID" system?

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  • I have yet to successfully make a game where one of multiple instances of the same type can be destroyed.


    player shoots one of the seven attacking drones. Drone has 5HP.

    When player has hit the same drone 5 times, all drones are destroyed.

    quite a few times I have started making a game where this is needed and every time I end up scrapping the project because I can�t figure it out.

    Have been searching the forum but can�t find a explanation or tutorial detailed enough.

    Some of the projects I ended up making with other game making software where this handled automatic. But overall I prefer C2 and that�s the reason this post.


  • You probably just need to use a "For each" loop when checking your Drone's health. That way it checks every instance's HP individually and only deletes the currently picked object in the loop.

  • C2 already can do this. Give the enemies an instance variable and call it "hits". Then use two events like this:

    Bullet collides with enemy:

    ----- add 1 to Enemy "hits"

    ----- destroy bullet

    Enemy "hits" >=5

    ----- destroy enemy

  • Problem is that every time one of the drones is hit all of them suffers HP loss. A for each loop would make no difference

  • The loop is probably not needed, are you using instance variables?

  • how would that work different than:

    Bullet collides with enemy:

    ----- subtract 1 from Enemy "HP"

    ----- destroy bullet

    Enemy "HP" <=0

    ----- destroy enemy

    it�s the same thing

  • If "HP" started at 5 then yes it is the same.

  • What you just wrote should work fine:

    SubtractHP.capx (r116)

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  • What you just wrote should work fine:

    SubtractHP.capx (r116)

    hmm.. now I?m more confused <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    I?ll check something be back with an update...

  • Ok, think I got it. Seems it had something to do with how I used "families". Gonna have to look into that a bit further. Thanx a million for the help..

    Hmm this thread should probably been posted in "How do I.." considering how it turned out.. sorry about that

  • If you put all of your baddies into a family called "baddies_family" let say.

    Then select the family in the project list on the right hand side.

    then add a family instance variable eg: health on its properties on the left hand side of the screen.

    then you use

    bullet on collision with "baddies_family"

    ->subtract 5 from "baddies_family" health

    it will only subtract the health from the specific baddie in the family it hit.

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