Is there a place in the forums for Feature Requests?

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  • I couldn't find one...

    I'm really enjoying Construct 2, but there are a couple of features I really wish it offered, features I am used to with other game engines I've used in the past.


    I'd like to be able to define a movement path for a sprite and then have it follow the path. This would be incredibly useful for Tower Defense titles, Zuma-style games, and more. I use paths a lot when I'm rapid prototyping ideas for work. For example, to show an object float out of chest and do a little loop before flying off screen.


    I know it's relatively simple to do this using math, but it would be so much quicker if it was an included feature. (And not a plugin, which I try to avoid due to compatibility/bug concerns.) Just the basic feature would be sufficient, though it would be even better with easing and Bézier curves.

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  • The problem is that Ashley (the one who is building C2) is bussy now with creating Construct 3. He does updates and things around C2 regularly as well, but everybody are waiting for C3 and making new official plugins isn't in the scope at the moment I think.

    However there's a lof of plugins made by experienced guys which don't bring any compatibility issues. Especially such a simple plugins like "move to". If I'm not mistaking Rex did one like that.

    "Move to" was requested several times already, but for now we have to use "move forward" and "move at angle" which is actually enough... just a bit more eventing. Or again... you can use a third party plugin.

    Regarding the "manual path" plugin. I think I saw this once as well. You would have to dig a bit in the forum. But as OTB there is no such thing. Only automatic pathfinding.

  • Most of the feature requests end up in this forum category.

    As for your suggestions, described the current situation well.

    From my perspective: I'd love to see both functions in the editor (especially the move-to plugin, since it's such a basic and simple feature). The pathfinding can be slow sometimes and you have to know how to configure it to make it reliable. So a simplier verson, like moving along a pre-defined patch would be nice.

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