Pixellate effect size show bad on iOS cocoon developer app

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  • Hi to everyone, i'm going crazy with a "bug" that seems related to construct 2 or probably cocoon canvas+ (or other cordova based app) ... basically i have a project with sampling setted to linear and an animated sprite with webgl pixellate effect applied (this seems the only way to have linear sampling and avoid blur on pixel art)

    when i preview the app on browser the pixellate effect apply perfect


    but when i preview the app on the device with cocoon developer app it run in a bad way (pixellate effect fail to apply the correct pixel size)


    is this a cordova bug or is related to construct 2?

    how to fix this?

    here is an example project:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fy9ctfen7xok ... 4.zip?dl=0

    can someone test it (on browser and on cocoon dev app) and report if there is a solution to show ok on cocoon dev app?

    many thanks!

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question but, is there a reason you have to have sampling set to Linear? Point works better for pixel art.

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question but, is there a reason you have to have sampling set to Linear? Point works better for pixel art.

    i'm developing an app with a main menu containing 7 sections (in pratice i have 8 different pages, including menu page). In 2 pages i need to display old pixel art, and in the remaining 6 pages i have smooth hi-res graphics that need linear sampling.. so if i set sampling to point, the pixel art is ok but all the rest can suffer and look glitch... (expecially where i have sprite text in the interface or zooming animated buttons...) ....setting sampling to linear instead, give me 6 perfect layout but the pixel art turn blurry. The app celebrate some old animated pixel art, so these pages are the most important... but also all the rest is important and need to look smooth and enjoiable... so it's a dilemma! I tried with pixellate effect and it made possible all what i need (sharp pixel art and smooth hi-res togheter) ...but on cocoon dev app the pixellate effect seems not run properly with animated sprite... (the effect is ok on static image, but go bad with animated sprite) so i think it's a cordova bug or something wrong with construct 2.... it's not normal that this webgl pixellate effect run bad when preview on cocoon dev app!

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  • I have to show a lot of animated pixel art in my app but need to have sampling set to linear because i have also hi-res graphic for all the interface and other layout... For memory reason i use pixel art at x1 size and then scale to x2 or more in Construct 2 to recreate the original pixel art look, but the scale create blur on pixel art (due to linear sampling)... so i thinked to fix it applying the pixellate effect to the pixel art.. but with iOS Cocoon dev app it show wrong on animated sprite.

    Here there is an updated example project showing the problem:


    The project have sampling set to linear and put togheter:

    • hi-res background
    • two identical pixel art sprite with the same webgl pixellate effect applied.

    The first sprite have frames (animated), the second sprite is 1 frame only (static).

    Both display perfect on all browser

    but when preview the app on iOS device using Cocoon dev app,

    the first sprite (animated) look bad (wrong size of pixellate effect) the second sprite (static) look ok.

    Basically, using iOS Cocoon dev app, the pixellate effect is ok on static sprite but is wrong on animated sprite!

    Why this happens?

    How can i fix this?

    Please help


  • Please, someone can test it?

    this is what i do:

    • build the example project in C2 release 228 (64 bit) exporting it to cordova
    • zip the file and send to cocoon dev app with iTunes
    • open cocoon dev app (v.1.0.0) on my iPod Touch 5g and choose the file in the documents
    • preview the app using canvas+

    i see wrong pixellate size effect on the animated dog ... and perfect pixellate size effect on the static dog instead

    but the effect applied is the same!

    how to fix this?

  • bug fixed by scirra in construct 2 release 231 finally!

    Bug Fix

    WebGL effects: pixellate effect (and other effects relying on pixelWidth/pixelHeight) could appear different after export due to spritesheeting

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