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  • Hi,

    I would like to know if it is planned to implement:

    1. Per pixel collision

    2. Dynamical image data modification


  • You mean like getting the pixel information of an image into an array and than modifying it somehow? I used to use this information in XNA for accurate pixel based collision, however it involves a lot of math via matrixes (is the plural matrii?) and I really doubt it would be used in majority of projects with C2.

    Maybe a plugin?

  • Yes, to do a game like Worms. The level is a .png and when you shoot on the image, you remove a circle part. I need to access the image data directly at runtime and update the .png.

    I started my game with Unity 3D:


    But I can't make it work on IPhone without paying tons of certificates and licences. So Construct seems a good alternative.

    Here javascript code for per pixel collision:


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  • gbataille

    You may be find THIS thread useful.

    Pixel-by-pixel destructible terrain without plugins. Especially useful is R0j0hound's last example.

  • Well that's a ingenious hack... So I'll have to make a Image plugin then...

    But I'm new to Construct so can you tell me, where is the data for the tilemap in this project?


  • gbataille

    You mean the .js code for it? It's at

    C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\tilemap

    Or wherever you installed C2.

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