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  • Hello, just wanted to ask, is it possible to turn off the pixel blurring that happens to my nice crisp pixel art when it is in the C2 editor? At runtime it works fine as I toggle the relevant option (sampling if I recall) but this seems to have no effect in the editor.

    Could this be added if it is not possible?

    Thanks for reading.

    Sorry, forgot to mention that the image is crisp until scaled or rotated. It would be nice if it could retain it`s sharpness at all times.

  • In the Project Properties, turn Pixel Rounding on ;]

  • Well pixel rounding will not help with that. It's about texture sampling. Zeus wants nearest neighbor, that is, no filtering. It's just a simple tweak on opengl.

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  • This is an interesting question. I have noticed something that looks related to this.

    I'm using solids of 16x16 to create obstacles in my game, and I noticed that, when stretching them in the level editor, their edges get blurry. This doesn't happen when running the game - only in the level editor.

  • 'Pixel rounding' does not affect the editor.

    The 'Sampling' property does affect the editor, but you must close and reopen the project for it to take effect.

  • Thanks Ashley, you`re correct of course :)

    May I ask why the project needs to be reopened for this to take effect?

    Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction, most appreciated.

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