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  • Which approach is better:

    • low resolution game (but i.e. on CocoonJS I saw that it always use linear sampling)
    • high resolution, but with pixel-looking sprites?
  • Low res, with the low quality setting enabled inside C2 normally, combined with point sampling (I consider that cocoonJS lack of C2 compatibility is not to take in account with my reasonning).that would be ideal I think.

    Otherwise, maybe linear sampling combined with the pixellate webGL effect could give better results across different resolutions, cannot say though.

  • It depends on your game but from a performance point of view its better to have low resolution.

  • It depends of what behavior you are planning to use : some of them (ie. pathfinding) doesn't like very low resolution...

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  • TheWyrm lahssoo

    Thanks for all answers,

    this time I want to use CocoonJS for my last time

    (because I will get much smaller APK)

    so I think that I will use high resolution + pixelized sprites

    or as Aphrodite said - pixellate webGL effect

  • szymek What I will say is if you make pixel art at a higher resolution and then change the scale in game you may not quite get the look you desire. You may find a bluring or not quite the right pixel distribution for the details you want to show.

    That said its always a good idea to make higher resolution art since if you change your mind about the scale at a later date or need some art for PR purposes you wont have to start from scratch.

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