Pitfalls and complications with sound

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  • Hey! I'm currently working on a little prototype involving alot of sound. Actually, the whole game is driven by sound; the mood, the setting - even the gameplay itself.

    Currently i've managed to achieve some pretty nifty things using dynamic triggers and trigger zones, and manipulating volume etc. But thats not what this thread is about.

    What i'm really after is you're experience with sound in Construct 2. I know many browsers dont support it yet, chrome is the way to go for now it seems. But is there any other pitfalls or complications that may occur that i should be aware of?

    For example, will it be too heavy to play several sounds at the same time? How "safe" is preloading sounds? If i preload most of the crucial sounds early, will they play when they are supposed to?

    Please share your experience with sounds in Construct 2. Any feedback might be helpful!

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  • Yeah, unfortunately any problems you may have are exclusively the browser's fault. C2 does its best to make up for it, but the browsers really lag behind.

  • Desktop browsers are OK these days, apart from IE9 which as always is a little behind the rest. Firefox used to be a problem, but recent releases (12+) fix a lot of problems and have finally implemented looping. Your main problem will be trying to play audio on mobile, where many platforms still only support "play sound" functionality.

  • Thanks for the feedback :) I'll keep ya posted with the prototype im doing!

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