Has pin behaviour changed?

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  • I have 4 thrusters pinned to my player ship. Until recently they stayed pinned in the correct place even if I resized the ship, but now they don't. Is this intentional and how do I fix it? Do I need to unpin, reposition and repin them? Considering I use image point to initially pin them, will I have to change that?

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  • The pin behavior has not changed for a long time. You probably changed something in your project.

  • Strange, because my game allows the screen to be resized and I never had problems with this before. When the ship was resized, the thrusters all automatically resized and repositioned themselves and I never even thought about it. Now they've stopped doing that, I've been looking through my programming for the part which controls this and realised it was just the pin behaviour doing it all for me.

    I haven't actually changed my program at all lately because it's finished, so it must be something to do with the updates. I thought it might be something to do with the on-created thing, but neither my ship nor thrusters have an on-created event.

    So am I right in saying that if an object is pinned to another object with angle and position, and the first object is scaled, the pinned objects should also scale?

  • Actually I've just realised that pin behaviour never did this. What's changed is, I wasn't resizing my ship at all but due to needing to reduce the clutter heavily, I started doing it. So I need to work out how to reposition and resize the thrusters manually.

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