PIN behavior breaks after Layout change

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  • Hi everyone. I'm facing a problem here and will try my best to describe it as clear as possible (not english native).

    My game have 2 layouts:

    Layout 1 - The board

    Layout 2 - Sprite creator selection screen

    On Layout 1 i have a button that sends me to layout 2 where have some buttons for character selection. When I select a character a global variable is set to true (along with other variables) and I get back to layout 1. When layout 1 loads it check the variable and if its true it creates the objects and pin them, this is working fine.

    The problem is that when I repeat the process to create another sprite the previous ones created ones have their pins breaked. Its not a problem with Persist, both the sprites are created correctly but the previous one looses its PIN behaviour, only the new one get its PIN.

    As test purpose I made 2 buttons on layout 1 with the same function as above and it works pretty well. So the problem probably on the Layout chage. I have more than 50 sprite creator and really want them to have theyr own layout.

    Anyone have a solution or an idea to test? Thanks

    Edit: CAPX HERE

  • I have no idea why the pin is not recalled by the persist behaviour.

    Some one brighter than me will probably find the cause or mark it as a bug.

    In the mean time, if you need a workaround, here is one, by 'assisting' the persist. Just 'mimic' what it supposed to do: ... .capx?dl=0

  • Thanks a lot

    That worked =D

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  • 99Instances2Go still got a problem with this behavior.

    I add a button to go to Layout 3 and on Layout 3 i have a back to layout 1 button. When it goes back it looses the behavior as well. I add your code to "layout 1 -> on load" but it still looses the behavior. Do you have any idea to persist?

    CAPX with back buttons

  • You dont secure the state before going to layout 3, as you do before going to layout 2.

    Just do the same. Button clicked ... backup ... change layout.

  • Thanks, i missed that.

  • Getting a 404 on that link - Any chance someone can fill me in?


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