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  • I read the How Events Work article. Either I misunderstood something, or I found a bug.

    What I'm doing is this:

    1. I have a sprite with an instance variable

    2. In a loop, I create sprites dynamically and assign 0, 1, 2, ... to this variable

    3. On a button click, I have a subevent that picks the sprite with the instance variable = 4 and creates another sprite on top of it.

    Now the problem. Unless I also add a Pick all to the condition, the sprite apparently does not get picked at all. Shouldn't it have been picked, as no filter was applied yet to that sprite?

    Here is what I mean in more detail: This is the CAPX

    1. Run it and click OK - nothing happens, apparently the "queen" is not picked

    2. Enable the disabled condition "System->Pick all queen"

    3. Run again - apparently the "queen" is picked this time

    My question is, why? There is no previous filtering on the queen, so the Pick All condition should not make any difference.

    Is this a bug? If yes, please move it to bugs, if not can someone please explain what I misunderstood?


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  • It's probably a bug, but it comes from the drag drop behavior. (I guess the behavior acts on the SOL somehow).

    Queens fixed

    I removed it from the queens, did a bit of tidying around.

    I'm pretty sure the "not destroyed on export" is a result of the behavior too, as one single action should be enough.

    You should report this bug to rexrainbow in the drag&drop topic.

  • Done, and thanks for looking into this!


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