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  • Hey all,

    I was goofing around today and figured the system event pick objects overlapping point is a bit interesting...

    Shouldn't such an option be tied to the sprite in the collision section. For example: Is object overlapping point. This seems a little more useful and intuitive to me then the system condition. Especially when thinking about the use cases for an object overlapping a point (point based retro collisions for example).

    Perhaps I am thinking about it wrong? Maybe it makes no difference?

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  • Ruskul Yea I'm with you on this one, I came across this the other week trying to make a clone of that One More Dash game, checking to see if one point in my circle is overlapping a point on the target.

    From what I can remember, there was a thread on here somewhere where Ashley answered saying it was more complicated than it sounds to add that functionality. I think some of the better than me developers had posted some other ways of accomplishing it. Sorry I don't have the link at the moment, but I know there is one.

  • - I fail to see why it would be any different than test overlap. As a matter of fact it should be faster to test if an object is overlapping a point than to test if an object overlapping another object. I think. I suppose it may depend on whats happening in the little black box for c2.

    The irony here is that you can make a workaround by creating a "point" object. This is simply a sprite with a size of 0,0. It functions as expected when Is overlapping is used. >.>

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