Physics demo: Jump - Circle vs Polygon

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  • Hi, I've just picked up Construct (second time actually) for a platform game I have had in mind for years.

    For the game mechanics I thought of using a physics circle that sometimes changes to a more complex shape, swapping collision mask from circle to polygon.

    As I tested the the included demo example called: Physics - Platform roller I noticed that the jumping behavour changes if I change collision mask of the Cog from Circle to Use collision polygon. Suddenly the jumping force seems to have increased at least ten-fold.

    It should be easily reproducable in your installation using the above mention demo.

    What is causing this behaviour, and more importantly what can I do to maintain the expected jump physics.

    Thank you!

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  • Try manually fixing the collision polygon of the Cog sprite in the image editor. Basically, Construct guessed the collision polygon, didn't do a good job (you usually need to adjust the collision polygons manually if you're planning on using them), the collision area is smaller making the object's mass lower, plus the center of mass is off and that's why it went up flying and rotating at high speed.

  • Thanks


    yes I noticed the polygon was strange default but it resembled quite much what I wanted. Like a rolling wheel that can brake down and become.. well yeah broken, loosing pie-shaped pieces on collisions.

    hmm so my plan to switch collision type run time will not be trivial;

    unless area is equal I need to fine tune a lot of variables to keep behaviour uniform. Hmm, sounds like a pain considering how big the impact was on the demo.

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