Has PhoneGap/Cordova changed much in two years?

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  • (originally posted and deleted in "How Do I...", sorry my bad!)

    Wow... getting back to my project and it seems the last build I did on PhoneGap was TWO years ago. So it seems stuff may have changed. First the old version of the code uploaded to phonegap didn't build anymore because some plugins were deprecated. So I created a new build in Construct, uploaded the zip file and after remedying the license issues, the build was on.

    But then when I put it on my iPhone and iPad, the icon was incorrect, the game didn't play right (as it does in the browser when testing). On the iPhone the music just started overplaying itself. On the iPad it didn't play the music at all, but when I went to the main game screen, it just froze.

    I know this is vague, but it's just odd. It's not a project thing so much as a build thing. Is there a current tutorial for how to build for PhoneGap and what new pitfalls and tricks there might be?

    I checked the tutorial and everything is there as is. Only thing I can think of is that some 3rd party plugins no longer work? I will remove them I guess and try a vanilla-ish build.


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