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  • Ouya

    With the Ouya being released in late March I've been trying to get PhoneGap Ouya Controller Plugin to work with Construct 2. My first try I think it worked, but I'm not sure. Later today I will release my code. So far I don't even know if its whats required to get the Ouya Controller to work, but by releasing it I hope the more eyes that see it, it can be fixed.

    Let me know your interest.

  • Here is the java and javascript that compiled and ran without a problem. I just don't know if it actually was running.



  • I might as well link to the apk file. Not the best, but a example.


  • I don't have an Ouya (yet), but thanks for working on this!

  • Cool!!!

    I will try it as soon as my OUYA arrives :D

  • Using the latest ODK I have created a new version and I will post the source soon. I'm not near my Ouya for a couple hours so I will not be able to test for a while. As you can tell I'm new to Java and need to learn some basic concepts.

  • Looking forward to it. I thought PhoneGap would have run on C++ and you were using the NDK and ODK bridge.

    You mentioned last that you had good performance with PhoneGap. Is that just from careful game design and the natural PhoneGap speed on Ouya or are you using Pender?

  • jayderyu

    I'm following the examples from the Phonegap website and samples from the latest ODK and TRYING to blend the ideas. My first attempt above is wrong and I'm working a better idea based on working phonegap plugins. Once again I hope to have something working soon.

    The game I'm talking about uses a custom behavior I made to make an object bounce based on the quadratic equation. When comparing game play on the Ouya and a PC It plays very similar and thats why I said I'm getting good performance. I'm not comparing FPS.

  • Well if Java is not your most familiar language. Game Closure has a way to use C++ and GC uses the NDK(Native) for compiling C++ code for Android apps.

    Of course maybe C++ isn't your native language either :| If it's not. Then never mind. Actually what language is your preferred?

  • jayderyu

    I've been programming in C/C++ for a long time and most recently PHP/mysql.

    As for Java programming, I'm catching on and I'm working on the javascript part of the Ouya Controller plugin today. If I get it working I will share the android project files.

  • Here's my latest game demo with Gamepad support (Chrome)

    I tested using a wireless xbox360 controller.

    How does it work for you?

  • wookalar

    Does this work with Phonegap support?

  • jayderyu

    I'm sorry, just realized this was mainly a phonegap discussion... Just really excited to play it with a gamepad, thinking of playing it on the OUYA. Didnt mean to hijack your thread or anything...

    I will look into it and report back!

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  • jayderyu

    Here is a Example of the Ouya controller working on a webpage. This is not my work, but I plan to modify it so that it will work with construct 2. The following link is a APK showing it working. This APK points to a webpage loacted at

  • that's ok. I thought you were reffering to getting somethign working with phonegap :P

    gamepad is sorta nice playing games with :) I'm a WiiRemote+Nunchuck kind of person. But that is terribly supported on Browsers. Often I need to use a mapping program to make it usable :)

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