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  • Whats the difference between phone gap and crosswalk. Under what circumstances should I preffer one over other? or are they all the same?

    PS My project wont have much animation or fancy effects in it. But it will be updated very frequently.

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  • You should search this forum because this topic was issued many times. Anyway:

    PhoneGap - very slow but possible to add other SDKs, small APK, not good for games

    CocoonJS - good for games, stable, 10 MB APK

    Crosswalk - still experimental, audio issues, slower than CocoonJS and bigger APK 18MB

  • I indicate you to use the Crosswalk through the XDK Intel. I have used regularly and am very pleased with the results. The only problem is the final size of the application, however, the process is simple and fast, does not have Intel logos or any other brand, have no problems with plugins (at least yet) and the applications behave very well in Android devices. The issue of audio problem is not general. Give it a try.

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