Phonegap 2.0 ... from bad to worse

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  • Just a note for every phonegap user. Stay away from 2.0.

    The infamous accelerometer bug on android 2.x (crazy random values returned) is still there (the last good version is still 1.7.x) and now even bg audio music doesn't play anymore.

    I wonder how many breaking changes are going to do before reaching a decent update policy.

  • This is really annoying, PhoneGap keep breaking things and their changelogs aren't good enough for me to know what to do to fix it. I'll get in touch via their support system and see if I can work out a way to fix C2 and PhoneGap 2.0.

  • Update: bg music plays after loading the same layout a second time.

    Example: title (no music) -> level select (no music) -> level 1 (no music) -> player dies -> level select (music playing) -> level 1 (music playing)

    Most C2 users will not experience these problems cause Phonegap build still uses 1.7, so I don't think there's the need to fix it yet. As phonegap development is like a mad's electroencephalogram there's the risk of breaking also the working 1.7 compatibility.

    I'm getting really annoyed too... Their update policy is totally crazy.

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  • I believe you are speaking for android?

    I'm using 2.0 on iOS and it's exactly the same, sound and music never worked well on PhoneGap.

    Ashley, please please keep supporting PhoneGap, I'm polishing my new game and I'm at 28fps stable with 80 objects on screen, optimizing for PhoneGap it's absolutely possible if you are willing to delve into the PhoneGap (Cordova) code!

  • Yes, I'm on the android side.

  • 0plus1 - we have no plans to drop PhoneGap support! When PhoneGap Build supports 2.0, I'll do some testing and see if I can fix anything that's broken. If anyone can supply minimal projects that do not work as expected in PG 2.0 please send them to me, they will be a massive help.

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