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  • I am running a game on android. My phone gets extremly hot even when no animation or anythibg else is running. Just in the start screen without any moving objects or sptites.

    I am using intel xdk crosswalk to build the apk.


  • anyone ?

  • Might want to share your phone model / OS and .capx. If those check out then uh...welcome to HTML5 mobile gaming...

  • Tokinsom

    Maybe it works well on Tizen...

  • You can try to report this to intel guys here on the forum, but you need to tell what phone are you using and send a capx here.

  • First of all, in C2, run a debugger and check how much cpu and memory it is using. If it is high, there is your problem. As the others mention, depending on your phone's spec, it could overheat faster than others if it is having to use extra processing power to run the game.

    In the debugger, compare it during all the phases of the game to see which area needs some code efficiency.

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  • Hey, there's also the option to test your game on the CocoonJS App launcher. Try that. My device (HTC One M7) doesn't experience any heating from there.

  • thanks guys. Its LG g2. My games are very simple without any loops or any heavy animations they immediately start with background music that might be the reason but i wonder..

    I wonder about cocoon , can i use my cordova plugins on cocoon as well or you must use only cocoon plugins on cocoon JS ?

  • Does this happen on other apps too?

    I had a similar problem on my S3. Took ages to figure out what it was.

    Turned out I had removed the memory card from my S2, put it straight into my S3 and there was some corrupt files on the memory card.

    Reformatted the memory card inside my S3 and the problem disappeared. Phone was a lot quicker too.

    Not sure why this worked but maybe worth a try. Backup your data on the card first of course.

  • no card on LG2 however is getting hot someties. but c2 games make it burn!

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