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  • Hi all,

    As I stated back in one of my posts I was in

    3D in past and now I decided to start a

    Business for Graphics and wanted to add games into

    mix, however I am learning Construct and it will take time.

    For the people who started with only the free addition and

    to the creators of Construct, I want to know your advice, because

    I don't want to pay on top of paying for Construct just to learn it and decide

    if this is the way to go.

    For now, I am a one man operation.

    If I go ahead and purchase the Personal license, can I upgrade

    or use Construct in my small business for a different price?

    What about Copyrights and trademarks for my games?

    How do you at Scirra deal with this?

    I know I can get these but I want to know the advice of the


    Thank you in advance. I will be adding to this post questions along these lines,

    so thank you and advice from all comers appreciated and if you have started your

    own business, I would love to hear from you.

  • Yes, you can upgrade your licence from personal to business for a special price (it's listed in the store). It's definitely recommended that you start with a personal licence and upgrade when/if necessary. Since you're a one-man operation you'll be within the licence's limitations.

    Copyrights and trademarks are up to you to deal with. If you're concerned about these things, hire a lawyer and file the paperwork in your country.

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  • You can start with the free version, use it all you want (within its limit of 100 events). As soon as you start to make money with it, you should get at least the personal license. After you make more than $5000 you should upgrade to the business license.

    You can upgrade your license by paying the difference in cost. And if you can wait, they usually have a sale every few months. (Although, I feel Construct2 would still be a bargain at two or three times the regular price!)

    You own the copyrights for everything you create.

    Good luck with game creating! The community here is very helpful and friendly.

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