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  • Hello,

    I just purchased the personal license. I tried installing it and re-opened the application and it gave me the following error:

    " A license file for Construct 2 was found, but there was an error loading it. Construct 2 has reverted to Free edition.

    This can occur if the file is damaged, corrupted or otherwise modified in any way. If you have a backup of your license file, try restoring it. Otherwise please contact and we'll try to sort you out as quickly as we can."

    Anyone able to help with this? I also sent in an email and am waiting to hear back.

    • Justin
  • You can try to re-download via the store - Your Downloads.

    If that doesn't work, then email and Tom will be able to help you.

  • Try to re-download your license file from the Store (you should be able to do that). If it still doesn't work, just wait for Scirra's answer I guess.

  • Already tried this, with no effect. Will forward my original email on to support.

  • Been a couple days and no luck... The only suggestions i've received from support were to re-download the license file and manually point the application at it via the "About dialog" then clicking "Load license", which i have done numerous times to no avail :/

    Ashley, I've seen you dealt with this successfully before in a previous thread. Would you have the time to take a look?

  • We deal with all license-related issues by email, please continue to take this up there if you still have trouble.

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  • .

  • I have been paying for the license for some time now. I lost my license file and wanted to re download it.

    BUt when I went to the store, my downloads is empty

    Please read Ashleys post above yours.

    You should email for all licensing issues.

    BTW you look like you were an early adopter - like me - so we don't actually have a purchasing history as we got ours before the store existed.

    You should still have the email with the key attached, however, but if not, then email support.

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