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  • Greetings everyone, I just took my Construct 2 personal license ! Cool. am I suppose to use it ? I mean, where ? Because I can't find any new executable and my previous free edition still ask me to buy the license I just bought. It's funny but not very productive, as you may understand it

    So, I used my Key, I used Redeeem, I downloaded the license's references (the little .txt), and the asset bundles. What about now ? How can I make my C2 realise that I already have a license and I'm ready to use it ? Thanks, I assume this question is stupid but it's not really clear to me anyway. Thanks in advance

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  • [quote:1vp8horp]Once you have redeemed your purchase from the Scirra Store, you can download your Construct 2 license, which is a file called c2license.txt. You simply need to copy this folder in to either the install directory or My Documents. Restart Construct 2 and it should launch as the licensed version: the purchaser name should appear on the start page and About dialog, Free edition should disappear from the title bar, and the free edition limits should be removed. Alternatively, you can place your license file wherever you like and locate it by clicking Load license file in the About dialog.

    I used the second option and loaded the license file in the the about dialog.

    1. Put the text file somewhere you remember where it is.

    2. Click the i in the top right corner inside C2.

    3. It should say something like "open license".

    4. Go to where you saved the license, double click the license restart Construct 2 and you're done

    But drop it into the install directory or load it - both work.

  • drop it in installation folder - gg.

  • Done ! Okay I didn't see that. It was quite simple indeed. Thank you mates ! =)

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