Got personal C2 from Steam, regret.

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  • I'm having troubles launching C2 through Steam. Its not the first time I've have had problems either. I'd like to install the stand alone version through Scirra. I did buy a personal licence. Please, where do I find my licence file?

  • You might be better emailing Scirra directly at, although you may not get an answer now until after weekend.

  • zenox98 Are you infering that the file is not on my computer?

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  • I'm not implying anything. It does say at the bottom of THIS page to email them with any licensing queries.

    Also, I think I'm correct in saying (anyone, feel free to correct me) that if you bought a license through steam, then authorization takes place via steam and not a license file.

    If you bought a license via this site, then you get a license file that is placed on your local machine.

    That's why, as far as I can see, it is far more preferable to buy from this site as you don't need steam.

    As I said, anyone else, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Hi Jase5z,

    I am not sure if you are saying you have a Steam licence as well as a one obtained directly from Scirra, so sorry if I am on the wrong track.

    However that said, if you purchased a PL from Scirra you can get your license file at any time - do this:

    1) Go to the Scirra Login screen and log in

    2) Expand the menu arrow next to your name

    3) Select Your Purchases

    4) You will be able to download your license file from there

    But if you only have one purchased through Steam, then as zenox98 says your best option is to contact Scirra...

    Hope this helps <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • michael I don't have a Purchases option. My options include: In Box, My profile, edit profile and log out.

    I have never done anything to match my Steam account up with Scirra account.

    So it sounds like the process Steam uses to authenticate personal doesn't use a licence file(one compatible with Scirra) stored on my computer.

    I would have never found this program and consequently purchased if it had not been on Steam. Steam deserves credit for bringing to C2 but if its not going to work I want what does work.

    I did get it to work for now and will try out the email, Thanks all.

  • Steam licenses are independent from the licenses available from When you purchase on Steam, it is Valve who handle the transaction and authentication, not us. What troubles are you having on Steam specifically? Have you tried the latest beta?

  • Issues on steam. My response (Hijacking thread - lol)

    *Can't open C2 files from browser.

    *Can't have more than one instance running (which is fine) if I could open files via browser and have them (a) start instance of C2 and/or (b) load/appear in project window.

    *File associations are broken.

    C2 files aren't assigned to C2 program, you also can't fix this because the C2.exe file installs the free version of C2 etc etc etc.

    C2 should never have been put on Steam. Or steam should never have moved to software. Either way, I regret having purchased via steam. Would be great if we could get license file so we can run the software like the software is meant to be run. Or at least the option to do that.

    My regret is - We have paid money for an inferior software experience.

    Sidenote: C2 being unstable - Yes, it is, but in fairness, I did a complete overhaul on my registry files/permisions and the crashes have all but stopped. I installed Visual Studio and it hinted that some/most of my registry files/permissions were corrupted. True enough, some were.

    Anyways, as of a few days ago, haven't had a crash, seize (touch wood) thought you might like to know.

    As, always, I love C2, just not so happy with Steam/C2 and the instability. But, everything else is pure JOY!

  • Ashley, thanks for the reply. Steam C2 is working for me now.

    r139 32/steam

    problem: I would click launch in Steam, see cursor change showing processing, cursor goes back to pointer, I wait and nothing happens. After many attempts I opened up task manager and saw a Construct2.exe program at about 1k briefly show up each time I clicked launch. Then I stared to redo installing along with computer reboots. Somewhere along the line it fixed itself.

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