How it performs on inferior IOS devices

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  • Was it was any success commercial use which has already been pulished in appstore?

    How the performances it works while compared with the game made by flash AS3 mobile projects.

    Anyone know that will a project implements with Box2d create by C2 works well or at a 30+ fps on itouch4?

    Really want to know a few about these...

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  • Cocoonjs recently implemented a beta version of hardware accelerated physics - if you have access to one of the devices, you can download the cocoonjs launcher for free and try the bundled demo of it. C2 doesn't support it yet, but it sounds like they probably will once the physics hardware acceleration is out of beta.

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  • The main problem with your question is "it depends". It really depends on the game, how many sprites, how many physics objects, how many effects and particles you use. You can't build a game and have it run everywhere. I think as developers, we need to understand that the mobile platform is far different than the desktop. I am planning on having two completely different builds for desktop and mobile. Mobile will have many effects removed to ease strain on the CPU.

  • Very kind you!

    I've been experienced produced game made by Flash(with flashdevelop).

    And I know alot people now have successed made games by html5 and really performs well.

    I do not know how they distribute the game made by html5 in appstore but I thought it was already a mature-technique.

    But although c2 also exports html5.The code is human-unreadable.So I don't know whether its distribution to appstore can like what a normal html5 projects do.

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