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  • I was reading the performance tips part and it said something about it being better to use a couple of bigger objects than a bunch of small ones. Tiles, being a bunch of small objects, have their own advantage of not taking up as much memory right ? I wonder where the trade off point (not sure if it's the right word. The moment where it's better to choose one over the other) is. I guess this depends on the amount of available RAM vs available CPU or GPU power ? Anyone know if there are studies done that show where the trade off point is for typical devices or what formula can be used to calculate the trade off point for each device?

  • I don't think you'll be able to use any mathematical formula. Interesting question though! I think experimentation is the best option - just go with something that feels right. Remember, tiled backgrounds are your friend!

  • yea... after that most recent scirra blog post, I took my current project's memory usage down 2 thirds. I think it is just best to use a tiled background when ever possible.

  • Thanks guys! I found this interesting article and will go through it tonight. Skimming through it the article looks like just the thing I'll need for this:

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  • thanks Kyatric! I read that article when it was posted, which also prompted me to think about measurements as well as the best tactic to take. I'm coming from the other side of the equation of wanting to build up graphics from tiles and parts that may be too small and therefore result in too many objects on screen. I read somewhere ImpactJS' editor has a option to let you combine smaller graphics in a larger one for that reason. I was wondering if CS2 has something like that or if the feature is considered for future updates. I know small graphics are combined in a spritesheet automatically. But combining several sprites into a single object (composite sprite?) would be really nice and compile them into a single graphic at the start of a layout for instance.

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